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fps stutters are terrible after unchained update.

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Confirmed with GameGuard disabled server side the game run perfect

on my end even blackwyrm battle is at playable fps so my wish is

that ncsoft re think the desision to keep this third party application in the game

i can see that they maybe has a good reason to have it to automate

detections of hacks and bots but i belive the current report system is good

enogh personaly i like a playable game instead of random fps down to 10-.

on a high end intel / nvidia machine.

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the game does NOT utilize the network, cpu or gpu at there peak capacity.... its just.... just.. morally wrong..

After spending most of the day trying to fix this, finally I find this thread.   I'll make this easy to read so there are no misunderstandings.   ● I live in NA, California

its nice not to get a obligatory "you hardware is probably bad" comment for a change

23 hours ago, Tawnea said:

I thought it was just me, just recently I am also having some bad performance, going from smooth to jumpy, to almost halting, it is very annoying and is ruining my experience.  I am really disappointed with the lack of response from NCSoft, premier company.


It started happening to me too, but idk if it's because the other conflict I had with the game not launching. It's really annoying, I had played through almost three characters and it's never been this bad!

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i have the same problem as yours my fps drops from 60fps to 20-15 whenever i do skills, normal questing, etc..  but i got it fixed by powering up my gpu load because it sits around 20% in game ..and I made it 70% by  in win7 control panel click hardware then 'power option'


power option -> high performance ->change plan settings -> change advanced power settings -> PCI express made it "High Performance"


hope it helps!


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lol yea gameguard is back and it does zero. I laughed the hole time I logged in. "Gameguard get paid for doing zero work" Its the worst game protecting service. How come people even trust in their service. Their program is so outdated that the hackers dont have a problem slippin through. I dont know who manage this, but im lagging again. Tbh I dont care much right now I lost so many friends quitting the game, even my old guild, so idk i enjoy the last time i have before the storm.

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NCSoft support is the equivalent of asking a gorilla to fix your airplane.


I had a problem with the game installer failing to even start installing the damn game, keeps throwing archaic error messages. Get this, support told me to update graphic drivers. Is this a joke? Wtf does updating graphic drivers have to do with InstallShield Wizard? That's like saying you should buy a more expensive monitor if you want better internet speed.


They need to take basic customer service classes. I hate to say it but look at how Tera support handles it. EVERY SINGLE UPDATE OR ANNOUNCEMENT is made in the forums so every player is aware. They respond to MOST technical issues right on the forum. Where in the world are the NCSoft people? Too busy playing the game themselves to care about what happens on the official forums??


I'm not gonna even bother sending a ticket for this issue, as it seems hundreds of people are having the exact same problems as me.


  • Stutter every 4-5 seconds
  • You gotta spam F 2-3 times to interact with anything (chests, NPCs etc)
  • Decreasing graphics quality to minimum does nothing to solve it
  • Using Nvidia GPU


I'm just interested to see if this turns out to be the most short-lived AAA-budget MMO ever, at least in terms of population decline. Launched barely a few months and already NCSoft managed to *cricket* off a huge chunk of the population with their incompetence. Good job. Where's everyone else migrating to, Black Desert?

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I am also having some huge lag issues with the game as well since the expansion went live.


I mainly play on Hajoon and Mushin.


So far my issues are extended periods where when I press action buttons they do not activate OR NPC's seem to jump around the area or not even move for a few seconds.

So far the longest time I have to guess is 15 seconds before a ability I have used hits the NPC and then the server reports back to me the action actually hit the NPC.


Most of the time though it is random stalls in the game of 2 to 5 seconds where I can't use my abilities or NPC's don't seem to move.


All of my system drivers that I can update are fully updated.  My nVidia Video drivers, sound drivers, Logitech's LGS drivers/software, Ethernet drivers, & mainboard chipset drivers.


I have power cycled and also done factory reset on my router/modem.  So far non of this has helped with the lag issues on B&S.  I tested my system with SWTOR & Diablo 3 and did not have any issues playing with other people or lag with those.  So I know it is NOT my internet OR computer.

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Also similar with the most of people here, using radeon r9 280x, been suffering major lag, stutter, and freezing every second with delayed skill, and not experiencing this problem from lvl 1-49, but after reaching lvl 50 (days ago) this problem occur, first i thought it was because of my internet connections, after doing ping check, it's normal, try streaming and downloading there's no problem with connections, when back to the game the problem persist.

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After trying numerous different things to get rid of stutter that I've seen suggested on this and other forums, I finally found one workaround that seems to get rid of it:


Assuming you have a multi-core processor, set the game up to use just two cores. Set affinity to cores 0 and 2 for a hyperthreaded processor, or probably 0 and 1 for one without some kind of hyperthreading technology.


For those that don't know how:

Start the game and minimize it using Alt-Tab. Right-click on your taskbar and go to Start Task Manager.

In the first tab (Applications), find the running game. Right-click on it and choose (Windows 7) Go to Process / (Windows 8) Go to Details.

It switches to a different tab and selects the running process Client.exe. Right-click on this and go to Set Affinity...

Deselect all the processors and only select CPU 0 and 2 for Intel hyperthreaded processors like the i7... not sure about AMD or other processors but you can try CPU 0 and 1 for those. Another variation is to try CPU 0, 1, 2, 3.


This is using:


Intel Core i7 4700HQ


16GB DDR3 1600MHz

Samsung SSD


I'm posting this here in the hopes that it may help someone. Everyone's computer is different and may have different causes for this stutter.

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