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Input lag renders game unplayable!


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This morning I patched the game, played for about an hour or so perfectly fine until maybe 45min ago (3:30EST)  when I started getting horrible input lag in arena for seemingly no reason. I logged off which prompted a second smaller update, I downloaded it and logged back in. 

The second update did not fix my issue though , I am still getting input lag when ever I try using a skill , somehow though every other game feature (other than attacks) respond immediately , skill/job windows, achievement window, chat and chatting all happens on queue, all except my attacks......

I tried attacking dummies in mushin tower, all my skills have input lag, sometimes I even have time to get out of combat mode before the attack even triggers.... The game is literally unplayable atm (I play a kfm but no class could play like this).

Please help something is clearly wrong and according to in-game chat i seem to be the only one affected.

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1 hour ago, Syndra said:

I'm not the only one to encounter the severe FPS drops. I decided to take a look at the Task Manager, at the priority settings for B&S client process to be correct. And something was wrong indeed... It's set to Realtime, and whenever I change it to High/Normal/Low... it'll always undo the option after 20 seconds.


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