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Ability to execute a solo Joint Attack without Counter/Resist?


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I am currently playing a Level 22 Kung Fu Master with a friend who is a Level 21 Summoner. We have been gradually working toward killing The Devourer ten times for the 600 HP increase. In orientating our characters to try and deal with the dungeon as quickly and effectively as possible, I came to a discovery with my Kung Fu Master. As a Kung Fu Master, I do not have the ability to execute a Joint Attack on my own, without assistance, unless I successfully counter an attack first or resist it via Q, E, or SS.


Here are my abilities that I have access to at level 22 that can allow me to do a Joint Attack on my own
Triple Kick - 2 second stun. Cannot use unless enemy is defending (which during a grip, final boss is not) or if I resist an attack via Q, E, or SS (not possible during grip)
Avenging Fist T2 F1 - 2 second knockdown. Cannot be used until successful counter
Iron Shoulder - 2 second Daze after 5m knockback. Registers as a Daze against Boss enemies. Cannot be used until successful counter.
Counter T3 F3 - 2 second Stun. Does not trigger unless Counter is successful
Leg Sweep - 2 second knockdown. Usable at any time.
Comet Strike T4 F4 - 2 second Daze.
Rising Dragon Form 1 - 1 second knockdown after 11m knockbck. Registers as a Knockback against boss enemies, even when using Tier 3 Form 1's 3 second knockdown.

Rising Dragon Form 2 - 1 second Stun. Usable at any time.


Tremor, which is a flat 2 second stun and usable at any time, is not available until Level 34.
Tiger's Pounce, which is a flat 2 second knockdown and usable after a SS, is not available until Level 32


So from what I can tell, it is impossible for you as a Kung Fu Master until at least level 32 to execute a Joint Attack on your own, without a successful Counter or Resist. If Rising Dragon's default form counted as a Knockdown instead of a Knockback against boss enemies, this would correct the problem. Otherwise, I will have to wait till level 34 to be able to Joint Attack by myself without Counter or Resist.


On the note of my Summoner partner, she has access to Joint Attack Daze that she can execute on her own via Thorn Strike (Tier 4 Form 3) and Strike (Tier 2 Form 2). However, that is dependent upon her Familiar being within melee range of the boss. As for Joint Attacks she can do with me, my only Daze (not specing into Comet Strike) is based on a successful counter and her Anklebiter (Knockdown), which she says she can do while gripped by the final boss, but again is dependent on the Familiar not being dead and within melee range so I can Leg Sweep to complete the Joint Attack. She has no other Joint Attack opportunities with me and incredibly few options to execute Joint Attacks successfully with others at her level.


I'm not really sure if players should be able to do Joint Attack combinations on their own versus Bosses without any actual assistance, but Kung Fu Masters in particular have zero ability to do this without a successful Counter or Resist until Level 34, and I do not feel this is acceptable. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be trying to do 6-man content with only one other person, despite us doing quite well.

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That's how it is, yes. KFM's are not meant to do joint attacks like that. The only solution you have to The Devourer's grab is resisting it. You can q/e/ss the grab quite easily. Summoners also have their ss. You might have to get used to the timing, but it's completely doable. Destroyer is a class that has alot of cc and knockdowns and can do joint attacks on their own quite easily, that's their playstyle.

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Also, since they introduced the armour mechanic it is not possible anymore for single characters to CC many bosses. Have not tested it on all bosses I found, but the only ones I seem to find that it works on are those that are meant to be soloed, like Tower floor 4 or floor 5.



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For kfm you can spec 5 to stun, and you have tremor so there's one full solo joint, also you can SS -> lmb -> 3 for a knockdown, so you have 2 solo joint attacks as a kfm... However, I cannot remember what level you get all of these skills so you may just not be able to do them yet. If not, just do as scared said and Q/e/Ss to avoid when it says to use joing attacks to interrupt the grab.

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