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New Toon 19/20 Matches were bots-Suggestion

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This would be such a terrible plan, even if they implemented something like this they would never publicly announce they did out of fear of being exploited.

Take a second, process your idea and wonder what happens when they add a new script to the bots to have them simply auto report every one of thier opponents as a bot. This would not only completely counter the point to the new report system you implemented but it would destroy the game.

Why and how would this happen? Waves upon waves of innocent players would get suspended for no reason. The bots who also got suspended would be quickly replaced with a new bot and the innocent players who got suspended from the fake reports could possibly quit in rage making the gross bot/player ratio even worse. 

A. not a simple problem to solve
B. not a fast problem to solve, especially since the game is F2P
C. It's not a problem that can be solved publicly since once awareness of the fix got released the bot would either create a workaround or exploit the system to do far more harm than good.

Please, take 5 minutes to think before you post "solutions" without any obvious understanding of the implications of your solution :)

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