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[GAME BREAKING] Forced first person camera bug in arena


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Cause: Unknown


Impact: Game breaking, lost 23 elo at plat to this on my summoner.


Description: Random bug that occurs rarely when loading into an arena match/tag match, forces the camera into a first person perspective making it very difficult to read enemy attacks and animations,  or even target an enemy whatsoever. I'm not sure how to recreate it as it appears to happen totally at random. There is no 'fix' i've found for it either, meaning if it occurs during a match, i just have to cringe and give up the Elo unless my opponent has no clue what their doing.


Only fixes: Forcing a load screen may have a random chance to fix it, tagging in during a tag match has a random chance to fix it, and changing characters is a guaranteed fix.



Reccomended Fix: Implement a 'reset camera' function in the game similar to the 'escape' function and 'reset UI' function.

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