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Possible new player, with mainly pvp questions


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Hi possible new Blade and Soul player here with some questions (mainly pvp).


Atm I am playing Guild wars 2. What I like in there is that I can more or less make a character and instantly enter the pvp zone,
without the need to lvl or farm gear (as everyone has access to all their spells in pvp and gear is only cosmetic).


How is Blade and Soul regarding that?
As I understand, you can only do pvp at max lvl, once you have lvled to max lvl (45 atm?) in pve.
Roughly how many hours will this take?
I am not a fan of pick up quest, kill 20 rats, hand in quest etc.
So this info is quite important to me.

Also I have a quiete a variety of taste, so I would probably want to have more than 1 character at max lvl.


I have always loved fighting games ever since I was young. Starting on the Super nintento. Later on xbox with Dead or alive.
So when I heard about this MMORPG Blade and Soul it sounds cool as I understood its a bit of MMORPG meets fighting game.
It feels like that?


I heard that currently the max lvl cap is 45 but that the game is actually meant to be balanced around lvl 50.
So currently the balance is a bit off, due to classes missing out certain spells? 

When will we be able to move to lvl 50?

How is the pvp balance atm?


Also I downloaded the game and trying to launch it but the launcher gives all sorts of errors and problems?
Anyone else experiencing this today?


Thanks in advance.

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You can pvp/arena at lvl 15.. no gear is required... but i would advise against that.  You have points you gain as you level to put into skill... so say you go against a lvl 45... they have MANY more points and skills available.  And if your just looking to level quick.. there are guides out there that help you.  Quickest ive seen is 14
gaming hours.

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