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8floor minimum stats?


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Depends on ur class but if u can kill hado within 2minutes then u should be able to kill mushin :3


Cos on mushin 3 u have 4:30 and he doesn't go invulnerable like hado sometimes do. 


So if u can kill hado within 2 minutes it means ur dps is about 1.2 mil at the 4:15 mark so there u go :3 before going it get a stop watch to time ur hado speed XD should help 


And within 2 minutes I don't mean like 1:50+ I mean 1:30-1:45 ish. if u get hado down faster than that... it's just up to practice 

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I don't know about that, i'm a BM in basically almost maximum gear.

451 attack, 57% crit, 43k hp buffed. I can waste Jung in no time flat and have full hp when he's dead.

I also slaughtered the other 2 mushins ezpz. Mushin 3? *cricket* no, if I want to DPS enough to kill him, I have to go so ham I die, or else the timer runs out and I die.

I don't want to practice a dance routine, I want to outplay him. Dying 500 times until I can replicate the perfect dance counter him isn't skill, it's a waste of my time.


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Mushin 3 is about aggressive play, that's the why the enrage timer is so strict.
You're required to keep up minimal down time on your attacks and to capitalize on whatever openings to inflict damage that appear.
It is a HARD gear check and a skill check.

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