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New Patch, Dungeon portal crash


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So, always had a very smooth experience (about 80+ fps on the world, even with other characters around, 60+ in dungeon) but after this patch i have several issues .

I wonder if it's because they reintroduced Game Guard.


Anyway, everytime i take a portal (the ones to exit dungeons, not the one ones between zones) my client close and i get the message BnS encountered an error and need to be closed.

My FPS now in the open world are halved, i am around 40-50, in dungeon with other players i get only around 20 .

A small loss of FPS can be more than acceptable, but losing 40-50% fps because a new patch is close to the absurd.

My system is the same as before the patch, same hardware, same drivers, same software, nothing new in background or so.


Anyone else experiencing same problem? or found a way to not get CTD when exiting a dungeon portal?



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