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Remake the channels on moonwater plains or faction in general


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I suggested something on the forum that would make the factions more balanced but none looked into it, as I have been saying make one or two channel for each faction to farm dailys on and each channel are restricted to the opposit faction. Make 2 last channels for open world pvp but restricted for lets say 50 vs 50 in moonwater plains. If you wear your faction outfit you can only go to the ch that your faction owns or have room for open world pvp, when you dont wear your outfit you can go freely around the channels. If you suddently change to faction again you will be changing ch automaticly to the ch where your faction dominates and owns. With this idea we wont hear cry babies all the time complaining and silly kids chosing the most over populated faction. BNS pls this is the best solution that ever came out of this forum to date.  


@Hime and you others please ask NCsoft of making this 

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50 vs 50 was only an example ofc there is more than 100 players on each ch it could be 150 vs 150. The channels have a limit ofc. The daily farm ch would only hold a suddent amount of players, by restricting a sudden amount of players on each daily faction ch, people then have to consider 

1. change faction 

2. wait till you can get access to the ch

3. wait for some new channels when BNS gets overpopulated.

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