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Mushin tower help!! Need a guide


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Ok so i  have  lv 45 summoner and i kinda wanna do the tower however ive heard from a lot of people  it is tough and also i think i might need to redo my skills so i would really love if there anyone that can make a Summoner guide  to beating Mushin tower that shows tips and tricks you can do. Also my 2  important questions are:


Should i have all of  my accessories plus  my weapon fully maxed out in upgrades before going to the tower?


What exact soul shields should i get? Do i mix and match them with other soul shields? if so  which ones

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I am a summoner, root junghado, let the cat knock him down... throw your CCs. then fire away with the flower.  in other words, just throw everything you've got.


When he casts that red aoe skill, he enrages and resists all damage for a few secs, use True friend shield, or drink up a invulnerability potion.


rinse and repeat.  the cat is the key.

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