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Item "Spider Fang"


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Hey guys,

in the wardrobe, the item "Spider Fang" says "Bind on Equip". With this knowledge, i went many many times into the dungeon to farm it for another character. When i finally got my hands on the item, it said "Bind on Pickup", therefore i couldn't send it to another character.

It is extremely frustrating, going so many times into the dungeon for nothing, just because the tooltip is wrong. Support couldn't help me either.

So for all other poor guys who want to farm this item to either sell it or give it to another character - it doesn't work.

So please NCSoft, change the tooltip or fix the bug.



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I agree,

and its ridiculously hard to get...how did you? was it the huge single spider boss? the potdogs? the little many spiders??


I heard of those 3 mini-bosses/mobs that its the big spider and its in the left chest....

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