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Low FPS with good computer


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Gigabyte GTX970 4GB WindForce3 1051Mhz 4G 

8GB Kingston Hyper-X FURY DDR3 CL10 1600Mhz

Quad Core i7 4790 3.6Ghz S1150 

 Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H S1150 


i can run metal gear phantom pain on the highest options


i can the witcher 3 on the highest options between 40/60 fps


i can run gta v on the highest options


but i can't run blade and soul on 5?

i can run it on 3 with fps drops


is it my computer or the game?

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The game is poorly optimized it's also 5 years old so i'd expect it run just fine on hardware that is newer, you'll notice FPS drops at BW for example i run at a flat 60 fps in all area's go to BW with 20+ people and its 30 FPS ctrl+f doesn't do a thing to boost FPS either.


I run Witcher3 at medium/high setting and get 45-55 FPS at 1080 and games like crysis 3 at max setting and 60FPS, every Korean MMO I have played has had optimization problems and can be very hit and miss if you can run it with a good FPS regardless of hardware.


It would be nice if they could get the FPS stable. 

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Sorry for using this but Unreal Engine is totally poorly Optimized ever since they started. Wish they could use other engines that are properly optimized like the engine used for shadow of mordor or tomb rider reboots.

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