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Stutter much, perhaps stutter less (stutter fix)


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so once again i was sitting here trying to figure out why this game runs so god awful bad. i downloaded a new resource monitor/manager which let me see exactly what the game was doing with the ram and hard disk that makes this game lock up, stutter and just overall run awful.


so on the initial load after you select your character, the game just fills it entire allotment of space with stuff. you could need it you could not all i know is it fills the entire thing. 


it also places the exact same stuff into your pagefile, from here as things are needed, stuff is dumped from ram seemingly randomly, loaded from the hard disk, then copied to your pagefile, the longer you play the bigger your pagefile will get. it does not seem to preload any character, animation, mob, or environmental features on the initial load which is why it plays so bad when you start playing and you stutter, or freeze when a huge amount of data is dumped and loaded at once. if the file it needs happens to be paged the freeze or stutter wont be as bad as actually searching for it. the longer you play, they less page faults, if you have not already seem all of every classes moves during this session  the more of a chance you suffer that dreaded freeze when you go in to fight a 24 man or BW. not to mention the stutters!


so how do we stop blade and soul from this horrible habit of preloading absolutely nothing and dumping files that are frequently needed from ram? well we need to reduce its need to constantly purge data from ram in the 1st place, and the developers definitely need to optimize how this game handles memory and the disk.




it does not stop that initial stutter the 1st time you see something but the chances of it getting dropped from ram and you having to load it again are a lot lower. ive been messing around with it for a few hours now and i can say i finally feel somewhat happy about how this game runs.


it sucks alot less. but your not off the hook ncsoft!!!!


(i tried the 3gb patch the game comes with and that did nothing for me so try this even if you have done that)


for those that don't know page faults are a type of interrupt that can increase cpu usage too. the games true bottleneck is its management of its assets :/ without this fix i was seeing extremely high numbers during stutters and freezes, sometimes over 120000, now i'm generally at around 400 with some spikes around 4000. page faults are not necessarily concidered errors. they occur in all programs. 


it basicly is the program saying the file you need is here and the pc saying um no its not.





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you click the file it downloads then you locate the client.exe in your program files and hit ok.


the game does not redownload the client after the patch, and it does not modify the game in any way that should flag you for a ban. it simply always the program to use twice as much memory.


after patches and updates you may need to reapply the 4gb patch.


the game comes with a 3gb enabler in its bin folder if that makes you feel better about modifying your client.exe 

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your best bet for a smooth experience during blackwyrm would be to run a few group dailies so attack animations are loading into memory or at least paged. the Freezing on that fight is caused by excessive page faults and swap usage, so the 4gb patch should reduce that by a lot. you should see improvement.


i have seen massive improvement in the 24 man fights but i have not done BW yet since patching so let me know how it goes :D


this is also why hiding character models does not really work, because all animations are still shown.


the game needs optimization, but a true fix would be a 64 bit client. i dont think we are getting that though lol. 



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