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Need some advice


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Hello everyone. I figured I'd post this here as there is a higher chance of it being read and less likely to get buried in 'General Discussion' section.


Anyway on to my issue. In beta I played a Gon FM and thoroughly enjoyed my time. In most other MMOs I hardly ever play a mage class and figured why not try one now, it was super cool. However when the game released I decided to play KFM as I am usually the tank in the group. We mad rush to lvl 45 and I had an ok time, and farmed a lot of costumes. Then came arena pvp, and I must say that I am truly horrible at it. I did not enjoy my time there, no biggie I just wont do it, right? Well then came the upgrades from profane to siren, holy cow what an unexpected cost increase, its insane, But alas, my friends and I continue plugging away. 


Fast Forward to last week. I came to the realization that in order to facilitate my upgrades I need to lvl an alt for more dailies. And so I begin the process to do so. Made a Yun ( to switch up the races a bit) FM  and I remember all the fun I had playing as an FM in beta. Now right as my alt gets to lvl 28 or so my friends decide to quit the game for the following reasons:

  1. The lack of costume exchanging between characters namely Regum Corvis and the purchasable ones
  2. Cost of Upgrades
  3. Lack of Soul Stones in pve (a major issue with me as I dont like the pvp in this game)
  4. 2 shotting world bosses (Wyrm/Terrors) coupled with the lag involved.


of which I can agree


So anyway I continued to play and right now my FM alt is at lvl 37 and my KFM "main" is lvl 45 hm2 who has Regum Corvus and Starling(I mention this because I really dont want to fight Black Wyrm again). My main also has everything to Awakened Siren 10 (which is a lot of gold and SS invested)


Now here's where I need advice: I really enjoy playing FM more than KFM, and since my friends are not coming back to the game, should reroll my FM back into a Gon FM back when I had in beta, but I dont want to lose all the progress I gained on both characters. Do you think Wyrm is easier with FM to do enough dmg to earn chest with the lag that it comes with? Do you think I can make it to True Pirate before lvl 50 comes out on this potential new char? Should I even bother with a new char since I dont like arena pvp anyway? 


I thank you all for the time you guys took to read this and any advice is appreciated.


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I think for race it really depends how much you love Gon. If you think you'll be spending lots of time on the FM and love collecting the costumes and prefer the looks on the Gon I say go for it. Sometimes having a certain look makes the game more enjoyable to play- and without your friends playing with you maybe its something that will be more important to you as a solo player. For Wyrm (or "Black Worm" as I once seen a new player in chat call it XD) I think you can do enough dmg given you have up to date gear. As for the weapon I think that depends on how much you play and if you have work/school. Some days due to work I struggle to get all daily's done but I still try. Even if you don't like PVP (I don't either) I say go for it. This will give you some variety during your gameplay and extra income and soulstones if you do (assuming you do faction daily). Basically whatever is most fun and enjoyable for you is the path I believe you should take. 

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i probably would not reroll. 


i got my weapon to true siren and decided that the cost to upgrade ratio was getting a little insane, i recommend focusing on your accessories at that point get them all to awakened rank 10 them look at the weapon again, you get more bang for your buck that way. 


someone with awaken siren 10 and better acc will do more damage than that guy with a true pirate and little invested in the rest of his gear. you gain a ton of crit damage and some additional damage too. im not sure how the atk power and additional damage scale. perhaps additional damage is better because its a guaranteed amount per hit. i don't know if its effected by attack multipliers though. 

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