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Certain Servers Are Loaded With Bots While Other Have None

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Hey guys,

I had an interesting observation that i made while playing on my KFM on Old Man Cho. So prior to making this character, my only other character was on Yehara (Blade Dancer). I play mainly for the PvP aspect of the game, and other than the summoners that would wreck me every once in a while, I thought that the PvP system was pretty good and balanced. A lot of people were complaining about bots being everywhere, but I never noticed one while on Yehara (Maybe I missed a few, but I would play against every class each time I played). I wasn't quite sure what people were complaining about because I never really had that issue between bronze and mid-gold. Then when I went into PvP on Old Man Cho, and I finally understood what everyone was talking about. About 80% of my games are against bots all the way up to around 1720. I have never played against a Blade Dancer, KFM, or Summoner in around 35 games, and most of the real people I play seem to play destroyer too. I don't find them too challenging to face, but it gets boring not playing against real people and playing bots the majority of the time. Does anyone know the servers that aren't filled with bots? I would assume they are the ones that got filled up when the game was released before the bots came, but maybe they were there at launch too and they just didn't join Yehara. Anyone have any thoughts?

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