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Disconnect + Crash every time I enter Tomb of Exiles


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Since two days I keep crashing while trying to enter the dungeon 'Tomb of Exiles' with a cross-server party. First I disconnect getting (error 1000, network error 132 and WSA last error 15,105),  and then my game crashes. Even if I try to log-in again to get back and help my party, I crash again.  This issue didn't happen before. I was able to enter the dungeon until about 2 days ago.  
Generally I crashed during loading screens sometimes, but I was able to bypass the issue mostly when standing in front of the instance portal for 30-60 seconds. But it doesn't work now.
I'm also not using any Razor software and I have no other programs running except for Skype. My internet connection is fine.
Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? 

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