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Whats the best :professions: to join when your poor?


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Supposedly the most profitable "combo" is Merry Potters with Soul Wardens, Tree Fellers and Green Thumb. But the catch is, you'd need to spend around 35 to 40 gold to buy a recipe for Merry Potters to be able to craft the expensive level 3 stuff so you can craft the moonwater transformation stone from Soul Wardens. It takes a few coins and days to level it up in the beginning but once you hit level 3 on all of those it's all about the recipe I mentioned to unlock the orders you get the most profit from. 


As far as I know we'll get a new zone tomorrow and new items to make, so get to work!!! =)

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On March 2, 2016 at 3:34 PM, itsumo said:

i cant find the soul wardens prfession what excatkly is it called?


Open your map in main towns in each of three zones (Viridian Coast > Jadestone Village, Cinderlands > Yehara's Mirage, Moonwater Plains > Greenhollow or Hoghshead Pastures) and look for an icon which looks like a piece of a pie. That's the place where you should find it.


On the other hand, if my memory serves me correctly, in Jadestone Village, there's a Soul Warden waiting at the entrance to the village from Gloomdross Forrest. In Cinerlands, there's one right next to the Dueling Billboard and in Hogshead Pastures, there's one in the house on the far side of entrance to the town (when you first visit it), right next to the Earthseers and Gem-something representatives.


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