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Pirate Gauntlet looking like ass.


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5 hours ago, Liquidz said:

The pictures should explain the situation well...

NCSoft, I know you're basically not developing anything on the game other than some minor tweaks and translation, so atleast start working on a thing like this.


I'm pretty sure it's a customization visual bug, you see, the gauntlets grow bigger as your hand size is bigger, but only depending on a certain value, now, I think the weapon is bigger the higher the Hand Length value is, and that still won't be enough to cover long ass fingers because that's just how the animation is. There's a load of weapons like this, doesn't really bother me. The gauntlets are looking pretty cool tho.

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that is nothing compared to the horrible skin that is the Profane dagger. 


its basicly a mandatory reskin the second you upgrade and look at it. 




the blue thing is longer than your character torso and sticks way out to the side. ugliest weapon skin ever.



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