Summoner Mushin Tower 7F

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is a new thread really necessary, theres a topic with 60+ replies for summoner mushin. I see you posted there already, stop fishing for views. Also theres a point of being overgeared for mushin and you're way past it so a video is pretty pointless to show people failing it how to clear.

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I didn't even bother to look at the video since the picture on the vid pre view already showed u crit hado 6.8k and a 7k behind it while on status bar power pounce is not on cd which means u r doing lots more dmg than me without even having to look it through and I'm already over geared for hado XD 


If u wanna show case a useful or helpful vid at least make ur dmg lower about 4k on super sunflower crits would be roughly at people that have a problem with hado would be at if not lower since when I first pass hado my crit only did 3k to him XD 

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