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BM Mushin Tower F7 Guide


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Hey, i made this guide for blade master F7


It can be tough for a BM to do damage on this floor especially for a lot of new players who don't use the draw stance for DPS.

Floor 8 is going to be tougher because you have to do tons of damage. Build 1 is very helpful for experience players. Build 2 is good for newer players. They both should help with f7.


if you have any questions or help leave a comment.


twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/edang08

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K39bJ6bC1b0


Recommended Weapon Profane or Higher and 40% Crit

Build 1: Currently using (Will help on Floor 8) - https://bnstree.com/BM/4kNLsvoox 
Block within .5 secs of being attack to activate cyclone (15 Focus over 5 Sec). (more chi regen, but you need timing)
Build 2: New Players - https://bnstree.com/BM/N1TV2Dosx
Activate Cyclone (9 Focus over 3 secs)  after Block every time 


1. Start Fight with all out combo. Junghado will backstep after a few seconds. 
2. Air Combo When you see his Hand go up. Helps you avoid the ice damage.
3. After 3rd Flicker He counters. Block Both Attacks Then Move to Side to Avoid Attack By moving to his side and Combo
4. Move out of Aoe Attack or SS. Wait a Second to Block. Move to side to avoid attack then Combo

You can choose how you want to deal damage but there are varity of ways. 
I always do my dps in my draw stance because it deals a lot of damage if done right.
I should be using RB in my basic stance with cyclone.

I did mess up a few time in the video on the blocks. 

Combo 1 ) C + V + 4 (drawstance) + V (chi regen) + C + X + [LB + RB]
Combo 2 ) 3 or Cyclone (chi regen) + Q or 4 (drawstance) + [LB + RB]
Combo 3 ) 2 (any stun) + F + RB + LB (air combo) - Only use it when i see his hand go up
Combo 4 ) Q + LB + RB + LB + RB + Tab (chi regen)


Thanks and Enjoy

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