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[suggestion] Blackwyrm/Terrors loot distribution


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First of all let me clarify one thing. This suggestion isn`t about who should/shouldn`t get the loot from these bosses neither is it about content boxes. It`s about the way the loot is distributed to the people who should get it.


Currently if you contributed enough to get loot, you will see the box on the ground and you need to pick your box (and quest item) from it. The problem with this mechanism is, that it gives opposite faction opportunity to kill you to prevent you from getting reward from already defeated boss.


You can say that faction that killed boss has an advantage in numbers in that situation but consider following:

1) Some people of that side have low HP and some are dead waiting for ressurection after the boss fight.

2) Many people of that side have equiped PvE soul shield to increase their dmg against boss, so they are much more vulnerable than with PvP soul shield.

3) Many people needs to turn off displaying another players characters and their names, to keep their FPS at values where they will be able to do these bosses.

With these conditions it`s nearly imposible to defend yourselves against well organized small group from opposite faction.


Another problem is that you can't even regroup and push them away to get your loot, because respawning at nearest camp will cause your loot to disappear.


I understand that there should be a way to fight over these bosses. But i believe the fighting should be done when the boss is alive or before the boss spawn. Killing the people who just killed the boss to prevent them getting the loot is pure bullying.


So my suggestion to this problem is to spawn reward boxes from these bosses (and quest item) directly into participant inventory instead of spawning loot on the ground.

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