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Sin Mechanic Questions (SS>RB, Air Wood Block)


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I have 2 questions about sin mechanics that came up the last couple of days.


First one being, when you ss and then rb to lighting stride, then sometimes it happens that you use lightning stride backwards and you literally skip the ss animation entierly. Can i control this, as in can i force this to happen, or choose not to? Or is it just some random sin bug? I tried to force the lightning stride to go backwards by spamming it super fast right after ss, but i could not replicate what happened every now and then in actual duels.


The second thing is when you do your opener against let´s say a bm. They have their throw that pulls you. To counter that you would space > woodblock > space in the air. Now sometimes when the bm would use his throw the woodblock would proc and i teleport behind him and get stealth, other times i just resist the throw and do not get stealth. If i don´t woodblock at all i would get pulled out of the air. Now my suspicion is that if he hits me while i´m falling and i did use woodblock, but i did not use the second space yet i would get stealth and at all later points i would not get stealth anymore. However what i also noticed, depending on my timing with the space > woodblock > space thing my character would sometimes continue the woodblock animation while gliding and sometimes stop it completely. Does this have an effect on wether i get stealth or not? Most of the time the animation would stop when i do the space > woodblock > space thing. Is that “just fine”, or should i keep practicing that until the animation keeps continuing every time after i pressed space the second time to get stealth if he hits me, or will i just no matter what resist the throw and not get stealth as it is most of the time. I didn´t find time to test this yet + it´s annoying to test. So i figured i might just ask this as well, as there is a playerbase playing since way before launch and they might know already anyway.

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