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Endgame Gear progression Help


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I hit 45 recently as a KFM, and seem to hit a gearing wall. I am unsure of as to what items I need to get, and where to get them. I have Hongmoon Weap, amulet, ring, and earring, maxed out at true infernal. I also have the full sacrifice soul shield set from tomb of exiles.  I also have a moonwater hero belt that I picked up because something's better than nothing. 


Now as for my questions.

What do I do for my bracelet and belt? I haven't seen hardly anything about them so far, so I dont know what gear I should get and where I should get it.


What do I do for my GG soulshields? I saw somewhere to get  moonwater arena 1 2 3 4 6 and forgotten brightstone 5 7 8 and enchant them with green crit shields from E.Fleet Supply base.

Is that the best option, and if so, where do I get those soulshields? (except for the green ones, already got em.



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You get the blue one from E.Fleet (rng from the boxes, or a few silver from the market) and the epic one from the new 6 man (BSH). Go for the blue one first, cause I doubt people are willing to go with you into BSH with your current gear (no insult by me, just the turth about people being asses). Also you could farm Nightshade (24man) a few days. You get the Pirate Emblems there. 20 of those in exchange for the braclet.



The moonwater first is ok. The epic one is from PoH 6man. You can also buy it for 20 Siren Emblems in front of the entrance.

You need a blue one from BSH 24 to upgrade the epic one from 5 ->6 no need to hurry here since it is only defensive stats.



If you wanna go full crit then a mix of BSH and Mushin is the best. I think 5 parts from BSH and 3 from Mushin (don't know the exact parts).

Or you go full BSH where every piece has crit. Thats the one I'm using right now and its pretty solid.

Guess that will change when the new patch comes out since we get 2 new SS sets, but so far there is no intel what we will get.


For a start you can go and get the blue BSH set from 24 version and fill it with pruple ones you get from there if you are lucky.

Then aim for one of the above.




Do you faction dailys for Soulstones and the 2 24 man dungeons for easy money. Also try to get gold in 1v1 and do then 3v3 once in a while to farm beans. You then get 30 Soulstones for 2k beans.

That gives you around 10g per day to upgrade your gear. Focus on you weapon until you get at least True Profane. Then frist the ring, necklace and last one the earring. Then go back to your weapon till you are at True Pirate. After that you can go back to the accessoires and max them out.

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