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Weird Lag This Weekend For Me


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All weekend I've been getting pretty bad lag making it pretty hard to play and I've noticed nobody else in my clan or any friends have been getting this lag it either, so I have no idea what is going on. I know it isn't my computer or my network because I can play any other game I have lag free. This weekend has been the only time this lag has been consistent and I don't know what to do. Please help. 


Don't know if it helps, but attached is my speed test. I also don't know what happened with the download side but it was at 78 Mbps. So yeah, this shows that my internet is pretty good... kQ5LQ7j.png


Also my PC has 8gb ram, a quad core i-5 cpu and AMD hd 6950 graphics... so it definitely isn't a performance issue. Especially since I still get a solid 60 frames, even with all this lag. 


I hope this lag goes away, I totally missed out on farming Blackwyrm this weekend :(






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very weird lag for me also ,provider RDS -RCS- pc in good state and performance ,ports opened as should be ,yet this week been hell .

I have no ideea whats going on ,freezes only for BnS and mostly in Misty Woods and dungeons.



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