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If You Rub Gold Coins Together, Will They Breed? ----A guide to my gold making methods----


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  As I was skimming through the Crafting and Economy section of the forums, I noticed that quite a few people posted about making money in this game. Well, the answer will differ for each individual as we each enjoy different aspects of this game. Here I will list and discuss three of my favorite ways to make money in this game and the strategies behind them.

Note that these numbers are estimates.



--------------------------------------------------             1.Lets start with the straight forward : Dailies    ---------------------------------------------------------

  Everyone knows this, but fear not! I am not here to waste your time.

The key to doing dailies is to do them with friends. Although they give moderate gold, exp, and generate soulstones,

daily quests are falling out of the favor of players become they become tedious after being farmed day after day. Running these quests with friends however,

makes each trip unique and often enjoyable. I prefer to run these with 2 or 3 friends and/or guild members.


                        Mushin's Tower : 2g

                        Poh 24 + Bsh 24 : 6g

                        poh 6 + Bsh 6 : 1.6g

                        Faction : 60s and ~19 soulstones

                        Tomb of Exile : 2 soulstones


  Total Gain: ~ 10g and ~ 21 soulstone ( you can get less or more if you take the pouch instead of 2 from faction dailies)


--------------------------------------------------            2. For those who enjoy competition: Arena          --------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Arena becomes profitable after attaining Gold rank in both 1v1 and tag match. Attaining 1v1 Gold rank allow players to exchange for the 30 soulstones bundle,

and tag match Gold rank win bonus allows players to gain beans at a fast rate. Since you can receive 1,000 beans per day from dailies, it is reasonable to generate

one bundle a day without much effort. (Note:  400 beans come from a quest acquired from an Arena Invitation Scroll, which is acquired from the Wheel of Misfortune outside E. Fleet Supply entrance.) 


                         Arena Dailies - 600 beans ( 4 quests )

                         Arena Invitation - 400 beans 

                         Tag match win - 160 beans

                         Tag match loss - 50 beans

                         (Each tag match lasts about 8min)


  This is one of my highest income sources not because I grind it for money, but because I like arena and have people whom I love doing tag matches with. On a good day, I can get 3 or 4 bundles in a couple of hours, which is 18g to 24g depending on soulstone prices. But if you just go for a bundle daily, its about 6g worth of soulstones for an hour of work. Arena becomes more profitable if you have a group who can win a majority of matches and/or have a higher 1v1 ranking, but know that if arena isn't the thing for you, then it is simply not worth suffering through it just for money.


--------------------------------------------------            3. For all the lazy people: Crafting               --------------------------------------------------------------------

  Alright, I lied, Crafting is not for the lazy. But that was the first lie this post, I swear!

In order to make money from craft, we need to deploy skills such as Planning and Cost/Profit Calculations and Market Prediction and run-on sentences and sometimes Statistics. (Calculus is still useless everywhere except physics.) Doing all of this sounds difficult but it is not! You use these skills on a daily basis!  

 Whether its thinking about what you're going to eat for lunch or making up an excuse for why you're 3 hours late to your own wedding, you constantly and effortlessly employ these skills every day, so why not use it to make a bit of gold in Blade and Soul? Now lets break down my strategy for making money from guilds and I'll explain how you can adapt them for yourself.


  Currently, we know that two guilds will consistently net money no matter what : Merry potter and Soul Warden. Because they both make essential items in this game and will be always profitable they are both worth having, but know that since a majority of people realizes this, there is a large number of craftsmen in these guilds. Due to this, the profit margin is often very low. (i.e. Premium Tempered Clay Refiner costs 12.5g of materials per 5 and sells for 14.5g per 5. For a 12 hour craft, a 2g profit is very low, especially for the 12g resource it takes up.)

  Since less people have them, the other 4 guilds often yield higher profits with lower initial cost. I chose Radiant Ring because I predicted that there will be a high and constant demand for attack power diamonds, but know that all guilds do make something which player need to either upgrade gear, use for clan craft, or clear a dungeon. In fact, dungeons will become difficult enough for players to warrant buff foods and revival charms, making Earthseers and Acquired Taste lucrative. Clan craft will expand with upcoming patches and request guild crafted materials from guilds such as Silver Cauldron. A craft will make more money if there are fewer craftsmen crafting an item which is in demand. Except Fordgekeepers. Sorry but skins are strictly wants.  


With the strategies mentioned above in mind, this is my set up and initial profit analysis.


  I currently have 3 characters, lets call them A, B, and C.

"A" has Radiant Ring and Merry Potter

"B" has Radiant Ring and Soul Warden

"C" has Radiant Ring (I'm leaving an open slot for future needs)


The main money makers crafts are:

(price are current to time of this post)


Radiant Ring Sparkling Pentagonal Diamond Pouch -12 hours

1 cinderlands thorn -15s

2 Premium Temepered Earthen Refiner -50s

20 pentagonal gem fragments - 1g 

50 granite ( gathered )

~ 1.65gold per craft, sells for 4.5g  (+ 2.9g)/12h


Moonwater Transformation Stone - 24 hours

100 soulstone - 24g

10 moonwater tears - 7g (70s ea)

5 Premium Tempered Clay Refiner -14.5g

5 moonwater Quartz - 4.5g

~50g per craft, sells for 55g  (+5g)/24h


  On a 24 hour cycle, I will craft 6 SPDiamond Pouches and 1 batch of Moonwater Trans Stone. This equates to an initial cost of ~ 60g and will sell for ~82g, netting me a profit of 22g. Because I have a merry potter to craft the Premium Refiners, my initial costs are actually lower, raising my profits to about 25g a day.

  As you can see, I went heavily into Radiant Ring. This worked out quite well for about 2 weeks, as demand for diamond pouches were quite high. The pouches did drop from 6g each in the week before this post to 4.5 at the time of this post, but the costs also dropped. However profits did ultimately decrease  by about 1g per pouch, which meant I would make 6g less per day.

Moonwater Trans Stones however stayed constant. In fact, it never left the 5g to 6g range. This demonstrates the level of stabilities in each of these crafts and as you get to know the craft you chose, you recognize this characteristic in them too.


  The key points to consider here are 1. investment 2. profitability and 3. management.

  Investment is the easiest of the trio. As you make money, you will have more money to invest and make more money! If you rub two gold coins together, they will indeed multiply. The very first sum for investing can be of course acquired through dailies or arena. A small amount is all you need!

  Profitability becomes much trickier as we need to see what is and predict what will be profitable. Diamond pouches were lucrative at the time of this post, but maybe this post will drive the number of Radiant Ring craftsmen up and drive the profit very low. Note that being able to buy materials in bulk or being able to craft them for a lower cost increases the profitability of crafts. This is another case of just having money makes more money. As you experience crafting, you will eventually get the hang of this.

  Management is the aspect of crafting that requires the most tailoring to each individual. Mine is a 24 hour cycle, requiring me to check back every 6 hours. This gives me plenty of time to do other things, be it work, school, or play. With good management crafting becomes effortless income. One way to check if you are correctly managing your crafts is that the amount of time you need to spend thinking about your crafts should decrease over time.



These three methods all have their pros and cons, and there are of course many more ways out there to make money. Find one that is best suited to yourself and remember to enjoy the game.         --HP



If you ever wanted to yolo a diamond pouch, these are your chances assuming all five gems are equally likely to drop from a gem pouch


-1 pouch-                                                                  -3 pouches-                                     -4 pouches- 

cost: 4.5g                                                                  cost:13.5g                                       fck it you guys do the math and post it below

20% 1 atk gem                                                         0.8% 3 atk gems 

80% 0 atk gems                                                       9.6% 2 atk gems

                                                                                  38.4% 1 atk gem

-2 pouches-                                                              51.2% 0 atk gems

cost: 9g

4% 2 atk gems                            

32% 1 atk gem 

64% 0 atk gems 








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