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Vane's Art Shop - NOW OPEN!


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vaneous_by_ritsu_p-d9vg24v.gif<(SHOP STATUS: OPEN!)

Welcome to my humble little art shop! Feel free to PM me or post in this topic if you are interested! I already have commissions up in general, if you are interested, which does not have to revolve around BnS, but below are some examples of BnS characters I've already drawn thus far.


Pricing (subject to change):

  • Headshot Sketch:
    • 5.5-11 Gold  /  400-800 NCoin purchase equivalent
  • Bustshot Digital Painting:      
    • 16.5-22 Gold  /  1200-1600 NCoin purchase equivalent


To give you a reference, the prices are equivalent to

  • Headshot Sketch: $5-10USD
  • Bustshot Digital Painting: $15-20USD


Range given based on complexity of the character at my discretion (i.e. Mainly due to varying outfit complexity) 

Either way each piece of art will be discussed with to see how everything will fit in (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Max 2 chars per picture, quoted price ranges are per character.

THERE WILL BE LIMITED SPACE TO NUMBER OF COMMISSIONS I TAKE AT ANY GIVEN TIME, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (really just depends how busy I am...slots/availability shown below)














Given the nature of my artwork, please be patient with me as I complete the artwork as I am not a professional fulltime artist.



1) Vivien (COMPLETE)

2) Enhance (in progress)

3) ---

4) ---


If you are interested in commissioning me, please either post in this topic or PM me with your commission subject, and references so I may quote the price for you. For clarity, please provide the following views: http://imgur.com/a/XuvZn


In-game Item wishlist!

1) White Hot

2) Soulmate

3) White Dragon

4) White Rosette

5) Unique


Completed Commissions:


Thank you very much for reading!

[Pixel art of my warlock by Ritsuchii~]

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17 hours ago, Enhance said:

I like those. What server are you on?

I'm glad you do :^)!

I am on Mushin.


17 hours ago, Vivien said:

Also interested, I'd like to know your server/pricing information as well :3

I am on Mushin! Pricing wise I'm still undecided.


Any feedback of this schematic?

(Atm Bust shots only..)

Sketch: $5-10USD/400-800 NCoin purchase equivalent/5.5-11 Gold


Digital Painting: $15-20USD/1200-1600 Ncoin purchase equivalent/16.5-22 Gold


Range given based on complexity of the character at my discretion (i.e. Mainly due to varying outfit complexity) 

Either way each piece of art will be discussed with to see how everything will fit in (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Digital painting will be like the posted examples. Sketches.. I have to whip something up and I'll post it when I have it done c:

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@VANEous Those pricings are good with me. I'd gladly pay them with the quality of work you have.

I understand that drawings like those would take a lot of time to complete but saving up gold can be tough to many people as well, especially with how much you have to spend to upgrade your gears and limited amount of max daily quest numbers @_@


In order to pay across servers, there's a method that I've heard from another thread of what we can do (I'm on Jiwan).


You and I will go into Dungeon Lobby which is cross-server and get into party together by one of us inviting the other to party.

Pick a random dungeon and go into it together, kill something to get a drop that will initiate a bid and I - the commissioner - will bid on the item for the amount I need to pay you for your artwork so the money will be paid to you :3

When should I post up screenshots for the request?

I'd love the Bust shot sketches of 2 characters together, which are my Summoner and my bf's Destroyer.

I'll pay for price of 2 orders to have both drawn together in 1 picture.

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2 hours ago, VANEous said:

Hi again! I will private message you to work out the details c:!

How would you see a lowly EU inhabitant like me paying the commission? Do you accept paypal? If so, message me too por favor.

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