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BnS hates my CPU


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Okay so hey there guys and thanks to everyone who reads this!


My setup is :


i5-4690k @ 4.4 ghz

sapphire r9 380 4 gb nitro @ 1100 core clock | 1600 memory clock

12 gb ram

ssd (bns is installed on the ssd)


so the thing is. I get no where near 60 fps and when I do it lasts for 1 minute if I stand absolutly still. but my real problem is this. My CPU is running almost all the time @ 100%... and when it doesnt, I get higher fps, but in big battles and such I can get down to 12 fps! I am on windows 10 and I have tried to clock down my cpu to standard clock and it gave worse results... like, wtf!?


I have no issues with other games such as gta V, Battlefront and so on. I can even stream them without any lag in stream or game.


please help! thanks!

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