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with every time the maintenance happens, server response times get a little more buggy


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so its not too big of a deal at the moment, but so far its getting proggesivly worse. i.e. hanging skill activation. hanging loot actions.                      sometimes in combat its like the skill does not register as being activated and you lose control of all skills.      its all random too. it only really got bad after most recent downtime. ive never had a issue like this before it.

you will select the loot button and your character will not do anything then a min later will crouch for the loot.

talking to npcs is delayed.


before anyone brings up something like its my internet. i play on a wired connection and have very stable CO with very low ping. others in faction have also stated they are having the same issues.        and we all noticed that preformance drops with every downtime. no one really has addressed the issue as far as i can see. i dont have high hopes though considered i never see bug reports in forums being viewed at all. but still hope someone will take note

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