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Installed a fresh image windows 7, huge fps increase


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I bought a EVGA GTX 970 yesterday and to my surprise it wasn't performing any better at terrors than my old 6950. We are talking 0-15 fps + freezes with everything on 1 with everyone hiddin at 1024x768. This pissed me off. So I said *cricket* it and partitioned my SSD and installed a fresh image of Windows 7 Ultimate. After figuring out how to start BNS without actually installing it again(install NClauncher + batfile) I went for a field test at terrors. Welp, too my surprise it worked for me. I'm getting a smooth 25/40 fps @1080 everything at slider 3. 25 ish fps with like 30+ people. Can do 24man/BSH6 without my FPS dropping below 52, used to hit 20's(With everything maxed). Also hidding people seems to actually gives a fps gain now. I also noticed that my hardware is actually being utilized during the fights. Between 66-100% for both cpu(all 4 cores)  and gpu. During terror it used to be 0%-4% on gpu and below 20% on cpu. So far so good.


My specs are:


8GB Ram

Evga GTX 970 4gb@ 1442/3800mem


If you're desperate then I suggest you try this:

  • Install win7 ultimate x64 on a new SSD partition
  • Install this old chipset driver on your fresh windows 7(intel only) -> http://download.msi.com/dvr_exe/intel_chipset_6_mb.zip If you're AMD find some old chipset driver from 2011-2013
  • And the latest NVIDIA or AMD driver.
  • No windows updates for the time being and no configs in nvidia/amd controle panel


I have a hunch that the old chipset driver is the reason for the massive fps gain. It probably makes the game communicate with the hardware better. I'm going to test this with a fresh win10 tomorrow, and test with my gf's pc (some i5 4whatever and a R9 270 3gb). I will make a video of my experience on win10 then show what it's like on win7 using shadowplay and post it here. Hopefully this might help some people.


Just a note, installing old chipset drivers over your current ones won't work, you need a fresh OS install. So if you're tech savy you have nothing to lose, try it.

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