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NCsoft SCAM!


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2 days ago i got banned on my main account.. no xploits, macros, anything you might assume one would get perma-banned for.  says i used 3rd party software that i dont own.  STILL fighting this.

SOooo, out of boredom and wanting to pass time, i started a NEW fresh account and paid for NCoins.  It has been over 12 hours since this payment has hit my bank, and no ncoins.  Contacted ncsoft after the first hour, and many times since..


Thank you for contacting NCSOFT Support.

Due to increased sales volume from recent promotions, you may experience a delay of up to 12 hours before your order is completed and your NCoin is delivered. If you do not receive your NCoin within 12 hours from the time you placed your order, please reply with the following information so that we can review your transaction and determine why your NCoin has not been delivered:

  • Order number
  • Last 4 digits of the credit or debit card used for the purchase


NCSOFT Support Team

Ive given them all that, and then some!!!!!!!  several hours has past since then, and NO reply!

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