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Solution to reseting UI everytime login (for win10)


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I have been struggling in fixing this problem for a month. I have asked support from NC, they really provide "great" help (Whom am I kidding? They all need to come back to collage for retraining lmao).


The best way to solve a problem is relying on myself  because the supporting team doesnt care about your interests, and never give up on the work that you can do. They get paid from their reply to you, whatever it works or not. 


Ok, the solution is very very simple, turn off your Onedrive. I found that everytime I login, the client read the file in Document "clientconfiguration.xml" from Onedrive. so what I did to fix it is:


1. Turn off Onedrive

2. Delete "XmlReader_cl32.dll" in game client file D:\NCSOFT\BnS\bin ( I guess this is where the client set the route to Onedrive)

3. Launch your game and let it fixed 


Then, you may turn on Onedrive back. If you are in different situations, try to disenable other sofewares that could possibly affect the files in Document. This problem must be all about the  "clientconfiguration.xml". I assume that if you installed game with Onedrive turning on, this would happened. 


Finally, I would like to complain the support team again. A professional should be easier than me to find the solution, unless they are really paraprofessional.


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