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Bug plus an extra thing that i guess could be considered a bug


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Right, so major bug: there will be instances ingame where i cant interact with things in my. For instance, I cant salvage anything, or open boxes. At one point this became so bad I couldnt interact with things in the game world, like dragon pulses. I have no idea what causes it and relogging doesn't have much of an effect. Restarting the game sometimes works. 


Second thing. I doubt this counts as a bug, but I am gonna throw it in here just incase it was by accident, one of the blight boxes I had 2 days ago gave me an item that was listed for warlocks only. I'm not sure if you guys ment for that to happen, putting their items in before the class to lessen the patch time or something like that, I'm just not sure if you ment for it to get leaked. Kay that was all.

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