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Open world pvp suggestions.


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Fix the balance issue the rest of the game will sort itself out.


1. Remove the NPC's that allow people to defect. Put a item in shop priced moderately 
to be used if a person wishes to switch sides. Defector Tag 599 nc coins.

2. Remove the NPC's from the opening map that allows players to pick a side. Let them choose when they 
make it to the NPC's in story mode. That would cut down on the already silly amount of lvl 15 gold selling bots.

3. Give people 2 weeks to lvl past 15 if they have not in that amount of time they no longer play
or have already quit the game. Do a purge every couple weeks to get rid of these toons/bots.

4. Do not count people below the level of 30 for faction sides that way when you go to join a side
it does not say "even" when it clearly is not.

5. I understand some people are strictly pve I have no issue with this, but, if you intend not to pvp for a faction don't pick a side 

it only add's to the issue of imbalance.

Last resort, until balance is somewhat close dedicate 2 channels in misty woods to each faction one red one blue.
One side should not have the opportunity to gear up faster or even have better gear due to the faction
imbalance. A lot of people have already quit the game due to the imbalance, new people get frustrated and quit
because no one can actually play the game as it is intended. Please make some sort of effort to figure this situation
out and make the faction's at least closer in numbers.

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