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My chat issue


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Hello guys,

I am desperate and i need your help or at least your oppinion on my problem!!

So, a week or so i am having an issue with my chat.It seems i only have this problem since in the same time for others is just fine.

My problem is that when i try to write and send something in /g /f /z /p and preety much all chat modes except /s and /w , nothing happens.My message wont be sent.
Although i cant either see others on those chat modes,again except /w and /s..And i am not even chat banned!

I tried to reset all settings , reset my chat settings , i even redownloaded and reinstall the whole game and this issue is still there!!

Any of you might know how to solve this? Maybe it is a combination of keys that i randomly pressed and got me this problem??

A thing worth to be mentioned is that when this issue came in, it was possible to fix after i relog or after i enter a cross-server arena/dungeon..But like 3 or so days now seems to be stable on NOT working properly :P

What you think guys?

"Sorry for my english" :S

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