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NEW!!!!<AllStar Inc>[Cerulean], PvE

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<AllStar Inc> is a new Poharan based clan! We serve those of Cerulean Order.


There is a Membership Free required upon joining. This is subject to change as the clan gets higher in rank: 1 Gold, 10 Soulstones (Not required on entry but are still required), 1 Naryu Silver.

The Attack Power Req will be raised as the clan rank and level cap raise||| it is currently: 300+ Attack Power

Please please PLEEEEASE!!!!! be active daily or every other day. Notify me of a conflict to avoid being kicked.    


You MUST actively participate in either the clan chat in game or on our Discord Server. I don't want a clan full of people who don't talk then leave.


Since we are a PvE Focused clan we run 4/6 Man BSH, 4/6 Man Labyrinth, 4 Man Poharan, 24-Man NSH, 24- E.Fleet, Faction Quest and Blackwyrm (Sometimes). We will run each of these daily for any whom wish to participate. I also hope that with more members we can have in clan contest for a prize of sorts. 

That about wraps this up, If you have any further questions please contact me in game>>> Character name: Imppi or Prince Imppi (After Mar. 2nd)

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