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What's your skill key setup?


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Just curious as to what people's keyboard setup for their skills are. 


I'm a KFM and I find myself literally struggling to get the Searing Palm combo done quickly enough with the current setup. I'm thinking if I replaced the ZXCV with f1-f4, it might help but since I'm still a noob (I don't even have any Siren equips and running on 2 piece Mushin rest Poh soul shield) I thought I'd ask people's skill key setup which makes it easier for them to use their characters.


Note, this isn't just for KFM, I'm also asking for any other classes too. I wanna know what skill key setup people have for their classes and how much easier it makes it for them.

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I use default setup for all my classes and I'm having no trouble whatsoever o.o

thou for my summoner sometimes it's annoying coz the F skill is also same key to interact with npcs and sometimes it's in the way ._. 

might change setup for my summoner lol

but for rest my classes it's very comfy... and within reach :o

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