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I'm done till hacks are gone from arena


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basically 3 things I commonly see in arena so far

1. bean bots - played by bots(lucky most are in gold leagues so I don't have to fight them)

2. speed hack - dramatically increased run speed. On my screen, it looks as if the hacker is teleporting.

3. cd hack - infinite stealth, infinite root. Opponent is blinking right in front of me yet I can't do anything because he's perma stealthed and I'm perma rooted.

bonus: 3v3 is also full of afk/deranking people. Half the time someone's just standing there.


I came for PVP and arena is ABSOLUTELY garbage right now. I'm done till these issues are resolved because I do not enjoy losing 25 points to hackers. 

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I usually try to find the positive outlook on things but...yea...I'm taking a break from PvP again. Played 3s for the first time today and thought it was nice having real people to play with/against then later on, my last 3 matches had an afk. Prior to that, I had another afk but an FM and I 2 v 3'd, which felt really awesome. But you don't get that usually when you have 1 or sometimes both players being afk.


Back to doing dailies and making money for me til the Warlock patch. Hopefully, they have a good fix ready for us next week.

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