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Need information on class choice


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Hi guys,


So I have already 2 lvl 45 : an assassin and a blade dancer.


Thing is... I need to change gameplay. Both of these class are melee and I want to try a ranged class now.


So I have 2 possible classes : FM or Summoner


I heard FM has tons of burst and AoE (which is cool) and that there is 2 really different spec (fire or ice gameplay aren't the same? this may be bullshit but that's why I ask for information).


Summoner does pretty good for solo plays (which is nice to farm dungeons) but also offers utility to a group with a AoE heal or the cat taunt.


Can you clear up my mind on those 2 classes ?

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As a FM you should use your both Fire and Ice for dps, not only one of them.

FM does great damage at a great price. Is not that easy to master one but is fun to play with.

Summoner, due to its AoE damage and a good class in mass AoE and solo plays, the damage it is indeed lower than other classes, but it can be quite easy to level and play with, yet again, is not that easy to master it. One silly mistake and you can die quite fast.


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I agree with most of what Shirou says.
FM can be diverse and offer a lot of utility outside of their massive DPS. (especially if you have multiple in a party)

However, I think with the current access to 5 second overflow from the hongmoon skill upgrade on Summoner, it makes them extremely potent in party play.
I can keep my overflow up almost constantly if I'm not using cat taunt and will even accidentally pull aggro off great tanks or other high dps classes.
In solo play even if you're cat tanking, you can potentially do more dps because you're not worrying about aggro/mechanics. (granted you don't mess up your taunt rotation)
Also summoner can solo BloodShade Harbor 4 man relatively easily if you're geared and know when to use your CC.  (FM probably could too because they similar utility just not reliable heals)

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