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The Usual Suspects are currently recruiting new members as we expand our horizons in Blade and Soul.


We're currently looking to expand on the Jinsoyun server (we're originally from Wild Springs), and have had some of our members from SWTOR playing Blade and Soul actively as well.

Clan Rank: 15

Active in Clan 6v6 and Raids. Clan Bonuses are usually around 50%.

We are a looking for players that are interested in all forms of the game (endgame, PvE/P):

  • Friendly, polite, active players.
  • Understand written and spoken English.
  • A mature attitude (no age specific criteria).
  • You can be serious about gaming, but maintain a cool head as most of us play games to have fun.


If you're looking for an invite, you can whisper any member of the clan that is online.

You can also apply on our website and organize a time for an invite if necessary.


Guild Website: Link


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Posted (edited)

Just to expand on our original post from 18 months ago:

We're currently looking for more people, priority to tanks and healers. We also expect the character that joins to be your main character. We do recommend finishing the story line first, so we're looking for HM6+ as you should get this from the story missions.


Discord details, general clan rules and looting rules can all be found on the website.


You can apply in-game to any of our officers: Elena Storm, Padaka, Bumpy, Vipero or Ruthis.


Best Regards and Happy Gaming,


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