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Can't RECEIVE mail


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About a month ago i contacted support about the issue in title. Got a stock reply, problem still not fixed, my main character can't recieve mail.
- Both sender and reciever above level 16
- Same server, eu hao district
- Bought ncoins and premium
- Tried autocomplete so didn't mistype
- Tried with friends and same account too
Error message is "Character name not found. Please check the name of the recipient". Please fix, this is extremely annoying.

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I have the same problem. It only happens with one of my characters. All the others can send and receive mails but there's one that can send, but cannot receive due that error. This character can't receive typed party/clan invitations too. I was considering a name change, but it costs too much for a try. It's not gamebreaking but it's sometimes annoying.

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