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4 man (expert) Bloodshade Harbor guide.


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So I decided to do new one as I see many people have problem doing this one.




1. Assembling party: 2x fm + bm + ass or 2x ass + dest + sum or 2x sum + bd + kfm.


2. Gear: tanking unit need at least true profane with all awe siren acc and 360 dmg rub 110 dmg cat 180 block sa 25 ap. Dps units need at least awe siren wep and same ace and gems.


3. Builds: you game default builds for pve.


4. Dungeon walk: Enter dungeon go right and kill mini boss, use wind. When up on bridge run tru mobs till you see boxes, jump on first and them from there right on another then climb top.

     Jump don't and kill mini at thrasher then proceed and kill boss. After that again keep running till you see boxes, now you either smash middle one and run or you wall walk up and go

     straight to end of map then turn right till you see mini boss, kill it and then enter mane and kill him. Just walk to twins and dispose of them. Then walk forward jump down kill mini boss,

     more walking forward, kill second mini boss, then kill 2 art officers, go to hae and kill him, and vola you done it.


5. Boss fights:


    a. Venomous Thrasher: (rotation: 2-3 attacks - charge - 180 spin - 360 spin)

         - When you start fighting him do it on middle

         - When he reach 65% he will jump on roof and start phase, pick gun and use left mouse to shot him (that should be done by 3 people) and last guy should use 1 on eggs.

         -  While this phase last run in circles, use vents around to cleanse his poison and pick movement and crit buff.

         -  You need to him him 4o times before fall down.

         -  If any egg hatch still you can kill them with 1 and don't worry bout it.

         -  after third time he will start 1 minute timer, but as of now it doesn't do nothing so don't worry dps him even if it goes like -30s, nothing going to happen.


    b. Blood Mane: (rotation: 3attacks - 360 spin - 2 heavy - roar)


         - When he reach 75% he will do his lethal cannon, knock down him. After that he will do it every 10-15% hp he lost.

         - Also after first cannon phase robots activate, make sure to kite it to him and not to kill them.

         - Kd him as much as possible so you don't suffer heavy dmg from his attacks.

         - You have 5 mins after fight starts till enrage timer, but don't worry even if you don't kill it in time, make sure that he has a lot bleed stacks, he can lose 5-10% solely from that, and do not

           ress, he will try to hook robots but he cant and he not going to reset, but instead die if he left at like 10%.


      c. Twins: (rotation: scarlet jump with 360 aoe on it, then follow it with 1 10m frontal. cobalt follow it with 2x 10m in front and then freeze aoe. scarlet then follow it with 3 more forward,

           then both of them do their kd 360. after 50% on both their attacks become random.)

         - Burn both equally.

         - Make sure to separate one from another at least 10m.

         - When one die you have 30 sec to kill another or first ress.


      d. Hae Mujin:( rotation: he will do 3x spin - then 360 jump - then random attacks 15 sec after 360 jump he will do 15m aoe - 2 more jumps)

          - Make sure you follow rotation carefully or you going to be blown away to smithereens.

          - at 75%hp he will spawn his shadow, either kite it or kill it. Shadow despawn when he drop to 50%.

          - at 45% he will do 3x last resort in entire area but mid.

          - then at 33% he will do same.

          - at 20% he starts his last resort and he do it till he is killed. 3 minute timer also shows up.

          - When last phase occurs he will first do 2x everywhere but mid, then once in mid, then one ordinary kd aoe again mid. make sure to iframe it or ss.



Best regards, Terrora.

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There are some mistakes. Some mechanics in 4-man, 6-man version are time-based and not hp based.

Some information on Blood Mane, his rotation is left hand, right hand, left hand, aoe spin, aoe daze (this one is quite fast).
Be careful when you CC him, he will continue from where he left off, but sometimes he might skip an attack (I guess it is when you CC him at the beginning of the move but don't let him the time to finish it).
For the robots, I just hit them once and go back to boss, since I'm tanking him.
If you melee a robot to get aggro and you're the tank, be sure that your teamates use any form of lockdown such as grapple, phantom grip, etc, or Blood Mane will pull you and hit you really hard.

Twins :
There are 2 thresholds, 70% hp and 30%, if one of the twin is above and one is below, it seems they go crazy and start dashing around. So you may want to drop both of them under the threshold at the same time.
Cobalt start in FM stance, then switch in KFM stance under 70% then FM stance under 30%
Scarlet do the opposite, KFM at the beginning, FM under 70%, KFM under 30%.
The meditation is actually 50 secs.

Hae Mujin :
If he bring his right fist to the air and spin it, he will do the spin attack.
If he points at someone with his both fingers, he will do a 4-hit combo, first hit being on the tank, rest is random but near the last target.
He spawns his shadow at 80% hp.

When his shadow is up, after he does that big aoe, he will start doing that spinning charge.
At 20% he will start AoEing non-stop, the timer is not 3 minutes, but what is left (I've seen 2 minutes several times).
AoE pattern seems random, sometimes he never hit mid, sometimes he does it 3 times in a row.


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