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Botters able to Loot Moonwater Quartz node before they even display for others


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I was sitting waiting for a rich moonwater quartz node to spawn, and a player logged in with name "BlackR" and said "Not This Time..." and then disappeared. Then 3 hours later from that exact time I saw the same player transparent like he was in stealth come online for a split sec and then disappear. Both times the node never displayed on my screen which leads me to believe that botters are able to write code to be able to loot the quartz nodes without anyone knowing..  My solution to this for NCSoft would be to making mining Rich quartz veins a daily quest which would only allow a player to loot one node a day, and possibly code the daily quest so that botters would be highly unlikely to be able to do it. Example maybe make it spawn a boss encounter in order to be able to loot the node.

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I like that idea of a small bosses like some mining Miner pop-ups saying "Hey that's mine!" cause you're minning a wild quartz which would make sense so the ore could disappear and you would fight Miner... Then after you beat the Miner he'll give up on the ore and leave?

My opinion on HP could be the difficulity of the areas...

Viridian 25k

Cinerlands 45k

Moonwater 170k

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