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So 1 sometimes not working is not intended


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I just heard about it. I thought it's intended that 1 doesn't work sometimes.


Why isn't it working properly? When I'm soloing something it happens quite frequently that I don't get invis from using 1 (altough I'm standing correctly and everything ofc)


Any way to fix that? Has it something to do with the connection? Or am I just too slow at spamming 1?

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it has a multiple bugs that can occur on multiple situations and i think it still is buggy in the lastest KR version so there is virtually %0 chance that we will get a fixed infiltrate. 


1- sometimes when you use 1 and you see yourself turn invis successfully, the enemy turns back after you go invis and suddenly your invis drops.


2- after you use your tab swap on opponents, sometimes you just cannot use your 1 because the server doesnt not update your swapped location, this also happens everytime if you use your 1 too quickly after tab swapping.


3- sometimes infiltrate just doesnt work




i did some testing with the razor synapse macros, constant spamming 1 with 50ms doesnt make those bugs dissappear. Though dunno if its just me but using 1 after jumping in midair without pressing any other buttons (incl. WASD) tend to stabilize the invis proc chance and seems to reduce the chance of enemy discovering you. 

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Now that you've said it, I've noticed the second bug too.


Alright, I'll try if not pressing any buttons except 1 works better for me. I always moved while doing that I think. And if it's not fixable then it's not that big of a deal anyway.

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