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[Suggestion] Clan/ Guild system

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As topic mentioned, I'm listing down some suggestion in improving the current clan/ guild system.


As a clan officer, I find it hard to maintain the clan in various ways with the current system because of the lack of tools.

For example, keeping up to date on active and inactive members, or the contribution of each member to the clan.



This is just my own perspective of improving the current system, please don't judge and let me know if any of these it's not going to help and why. I'll take it down.



1.) Member Latest Logout Time: Well, I'm pretty sure most of the other mmorpg have this in their Clan/ Guild structure. As this help us the leader and officers to keep track on each of the members activeness etc



2.) Donation History: Basically, this is to help us to keep on track on each of the members contribution and participation toward the Clan.



3.) Clan Alliance and Alliance Chat: Would be awesome if we're able to setup alliance with other clans and include alliance chat, since this make it easier to recruit members from different clan for raids, dungeons, and faction dailies etc. Pretty sure clans with sub-clan will find this usefull as well.



4.) Guild Hall: Yep, clan/ guild hall. Somewhere for us to chill.



5.) Clan Emblem: Unique.



6.) In-game Clan Board (Not the notice board we have right now): Some clans have their own website and forum, but trust me not every member will use it. Members can share information and other stuff on the in-game board. As for leaders and officers, we're able to put up clan event, dailies, raids and dungeons schedule or notice and etc. 




Please let me know if you have any suggestion as well, I'll post it up on the thread.



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