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Please give advice - 1730 BD


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Video of match - BD vs. Assassin


Hey everyone! Preface - I know 1730 is not a high rating! I am not that great at this game in PvP, there is so much to try to fit in my mind in such small timeframes, but I really enjoy it and am trying my very best.

If anyone is willing to watch the above match video and give me some feedback, even if it is harsh, I need to be able to improve on my mistakes! Usually I stomp all over assassins but this guy made it clear that I have a lot to learn about that matchup.


Even if you can give some general advice not related to BD vs. Sin, that's okay, because I know the matchup should favor me and I was still unable to defeat him.

Thanks a ton in advance!

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First "big" mistake : 0.38. You're attacking him without watching what he's going to do. So you get countered and you use your tab. Cost of HP : 60%.

Second one : 1.22. Same one. Cost of HP : 20% (and defensive CDs).

Third : 2.10. You're using your combo without making him using his tab before.


From what I see, you don't know the class and you don't know what you can do and when you can.

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I´m not playing BD, but sin.


Your biggest mistake was hitting into the ground counters 2 times or 3. You should never hit into that. I don´t know how exactly BD works as i don´t play one, but normally they do the aircombo and after if they decide not to grab me / or they don´t have it. They would do 1 hit on the ground, some random lightning thing, witch hits before i can even mash my ground counter. And i believe that puts them into some other stance where they can stun and spam some skill (or their q changes their stance probably since they mostly q after and i know is kinda was like that from my lvl 11 BM screw leveling...). Don´t stun until AFTER the ground counter ended.


Something that some BD did to me at the start if i got stealth they ss to where i was and then they use their aerial s*ck skill (i really don´t have a clue about other classes yet other than observation xD).

When you expect a sin to tab escape out of your grab you can also ss for the iframe to not get flashbanged and freestunned. The first tab from the sin was probably (more like deffinitely) too soon though, dunno why you would tab there your grab does not really do anything, the only reason to tab out of a grab is if you either messed up your 2 counter (for some reason pressed it instantly and then there comes the blade... i did that already and no i don´t know why i mashed 2 either) or you can get your opponent into a combo, witch he could not. That´s another thing... you probably should not use that blade mark thingy when you´re ahead, because it can get countered and if it get´s countered you get rekt by the counter unless you ss, but then you used your ss... i´d just not use it when i´m ahead.


Your first tab escape was also too soon after the counter, but you probably just mashed tab too hard... ?


Also your immunities would have probably been much better at 0:39. You can possibly also use them aggressively, but against sins they seem better defensively too me. To wear out their stealth when they (could) combo you, witch he could since you wasted your one and only escape.


You can also have some other immunity where you slash the air. Maybe that´s worth considering. I have no idea what you have to glyph to get it, or witch skill it is. Just people often times hit the air and then they are immune to tab swaps too. If you can somehow make your opponent waste a tab swap you´re in a much better possition as it´s like the main combo oppener and literally the only relyable combo opener (when the sins screams "IDA!" you know he used it).

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Wow, this is amazing and very detailed advice!! Thank you all very much. There were a lot of things mentioned which I didn't realize or consider. I will continue to practice on saving my reversal and trying to blow the enemy's reversal, as well as avoiding attacking when they are countering (still not sure what the telegraphs are other than the black swirly hands in front of the character) so thanks a ton for all the replies!!

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