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Crashing/lag when I enter combat.


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Hello everyone,


I know there is probably a bunch of threads like this, but no one has found a fix. The minute I try to ut my character into combat I get lag. Constant lag that I cannot stop. This happened the patch before the recent. With the recent patch it has only gotten worse.

When I first started this game I didn't have any of these problems, and I do own a gaming laptop. According to my specs I should be able to run this game. My laptop is only a year old. I don't understand what to do anymore. I have tinkered with the settings, if I lower my graphics my performance is actually worse. I wonder if anyone has found a fix? Also if anyone could take a look at my specs and see if there is anything I need to update.


Things I have done:

- Checked my internet ping, it is good, and should be able to run this game. I do have a younger brother who is also a gamer, he watches a lot of netflix ,and youtube. At first I blamed him, but even when he wasn't home this continued to be a problem. Only slightly better. XDDD

- Repaired client.

- Lowered settings (made it worse)

- Increased settings. ( still lagging, but a little better. and the crashing stops.  )

- Updated my drivers.


I really enjoy this game, and want to play it a lot. Yet, ever since two patches ago it has become unplayable for me, and i'm really down about it. If anyone can help be with more solutions I would be grateful.

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