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Lightning Flash vs. Flash Step (PvP)


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I'm 100% sure that Lightning Flash is way more efficiency than Flash Step :

  1. More damage
  2. You don't move while using it (very important in both PvP or PvE). When you're positionned well, you just have to spam LMB and F


About your "I can't cc fast enough" :

  1. Wait the ennemy to use his F and it's Tab (while CC), then daze him (if you still have it) or stun him with 2 (if you play well and know the match-up, you're not supposed to do that)
  2. The previous CC will last 2 seconds. During this, use Lightning Draw and start the burst. Before the end of the CC (1.8s), use RMB or 2 to stun (2s more)
  3. Repeat the previous step and use the last CC (2 or RMB) to stun 2 seconds more.

You're supposed to remove from 60% to 100% of your opponent with that 6 seconds combo. Considering you have already damaged your opponent (air combos, ...), you should kill him with it.


Here's some tips :

  • When the ennemy falls down after an air combo, don't CC him and look at his reaction
  • Remember the timers of his F (retreat) and Tab. Only Tab can remove a stun (for most classes). Once it is used, the next stun will be the last one.
  • Don't put any skill point into Take Flight (or just the tiers 1). If you do so, you will be able to make the ennemy airborn in Draw Stance, and you don't want this.
  • If you have the choice between "Take Flight" or the deadly electrical stunlock combo, no need to think about it, don't make him fly.


As sources, I'm BD 1850 in PvP. Hope it will help you.

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Flash step is good for the movement (not sure, I think it breaks snare, too?). Confuses and catches enemies, if you know what you're doing.


Lightning Flash is way better if you can get your enemy to stop moving (which isn't hard as Draw Stance should be used during stuns and you have RMB)

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