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PvE Fury build for dungeons and BSH tips


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I don't usually run dungeons with other FMs but I notice how little most contribute to the party, so here's a build that allows you to tank, dps, and support in dungeons especially BSH. For most bosses you want to stay at 6-7m away from them which is just far enough not to get pulled or gripped and far enough to avoid all melee aoe. Heatwave and glacial beam instantly CC the boss which can alleviate pressure and stop the dangerous attacks. Divine veil, multiple fury hits, and an amethyst gem lifesteals a lot of HP for when you need to face tank hits while iframes are on CD. Dragonblaze hastens meteor shower for more dps over the long duration of boss fights.


Do avoid other FMs running the burn build because the ember stacks are just being wasted with how much stacks multiple FMs can apply.


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