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New to B&S, got a couple of questions


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Hey people.


So, I'm not new to MMORPGs, but I'm new to B&S specifically.


I got some questions:


1) I leveled a Destroyed to 22 and decided to delete the character for various reasons (including appearance, decided to save money by just deleting to re-create rather than buying an appearance voucher). The "problem" is that as of this typing I have 6 DAYS to wait until that character is gone. The question here is this: Is NCSoft planning to change that? Because it's just plain excessive. Maybe 24 hours, or perhaps 48 hours at most (even then...). But S- Six Days... SIX DAYS. Wow.


2) Is there a known 'recommended' newcomer-friendly class? The in-game "difficulty" shown in the class selection screen essentially means nothing to me. For example, the Force Master is supposedly "Normal", ok. So Normal what, Normal in PvE? Normal in early dungeons? Normal in end-game? Normal depending on certain builds? Normal in PvP against newbies? Normal in raids? Normal only when soloing? Besides, what IS "normal" exactly, compared to what. Is it "normal" to master? Or tough to master but normal to suck at it?


3) Is there an account-wide shared bank? If so, where is it? How do I access it? I haven't found one so far (unless of course I missed it).


4) I'm confused about the blocking / dodging aspect of B&S's combat system. The last MMORPG I've played was TERA, which had a fully physics-based dynamic system. When I played a Lancer in TERA (that's the "tank") I had to press (and maintain it pressed) a key to block. That was very easy, straightforward. In B&S, as far as I can understand it, my character blocks based on my blocking stat? Is that correct? So it's stats-based and I myself don't actually have to press a block key, right? Just want to make sure. Additionally, dodging, same thing... do I have to press a key to dodge? For example, again using TERA for comparison (perhaps it's not a good idea, they both seem to have a completely different combat system), when I wanted to dodge an incoming attack with... say... a Slayer, then I would press a key (on keyboard or mouse depending on my own keybindings) in order to physically dodge the attack, with an actual dodging animation. So far in B&S I haven't seen a "dodge skill" nor even a dodge-like animation. It's like characters just stand there, strafe left and right to move out of telegraphs but they don't actually dodge per se. I have played stats-based MMORPGs before (such as Allods Online for example), in which characters would perform a blocking animation automatically if the blocking stat itself was high enough to have a chance to block during 'x' fight, but I myself didn't have to press a key to block manually. So is B&S such a game? I just want to make 100% sure because I was lead to believe that B&S also had a fully dynamic physics-based combat system but apparently it doesn't seem to be the case (it seems to have more in common with Guilds Wars 2 than anything else I've seen it compared to so far).


5) Animation cancelling. I know what it is, coming from TERA, it was extremely common and even helped (pretty much all classes) to perform certain rotation of skills not only faster but obviously allowed the player to reach their class' highest DPS output potential when doing so (compared to someone who didn't do that at all). It was not essential, however. Now, recently from another thread here in the B&S forums I've read that as far as the Destroyer is concerned that animation cancelling is pretty much necessary and that one should just skip the class entirely if not willing to do it at all. Is that true? Is animation cancelling playing such an important part of the game that if you don't do it at all you actually 'nerf' your DPS to the ground? If it is true, then is it something widespread in the entire combat system of the game across all classes? Or is it something that only classes "benefit" from? Or is it more of a 'niche' thing performed only by the hardcore B&S players?


6) Can a player in B&S be "successful" if only doing PvE content? By that I mean if I was to only focus my spare time playing PvE, then would I be able to access everything I need in the game to be the best at it? Or would I also need to do PvP to gain access to PvE gear? I'm asking this because that's one part in TERA that pissed me off (having to participate in PvP, even when it was "equalized", such as in Corsair's Stronghold, to accumulate Corsair's credits to finally buy PvE gear at a PvP merchant). It got a little better lately in recent updates, however, since they finally decided to combine PvP and PvE stat lines on weapons and armor in order to not have to grind to get two types of gear for those playing both PvE and PvP. But anyway, this is about B&S. So do I HAVE to play PvP in B&S to access everything for PvE? Or are they completely accessible separately?


7) Is there a costumes dyeing system that I'm not aware of?


8) Before I deleted my Destroyer, I happened to look at the trader for an appearance voucher and no result was found. So, A) does that mean that some in-store items cannot be bought with in-game currency from the trader? or B) was it just bad coincidence and no voucher was being sold when I looked for one?


9) Related to the above, when looking for items at a trader (for anything), is a search made only for the server I am in? Or is that a cross-server research?


10) Before deleting my Destroyer I managed to get in a party for a dungeon. So I got a glimpse at the "rolling" system for dungeon items in a party. I was VERY surprised by the fact that it is a currency bidding system, rather than a more typical RNG rolling system (I roll an 8, you roll a 61, someone else rolls a 30, and another rolls a 95 and wins, that's RNG rolling system). So I can see advantages (I suppose), but also obvious disadvantages from a system that relies on... well on you having enough money. If I'm not wrong (do correct me if I am) the IMPORTANT loot of the dungeon is potentially received by everyone at the end when we receive the final box (we have to click on that message in the quest log before exiting a dungeon to receive our reward). So if you happen to be poor and can't place high bids on items that drop during the run, you still receive that box at the end, so that's the only "fair" part of a dungeon run, yeah? So if some rich guy joins and feels like he needs to bid his wealth non-stop to beat up everyone else, then he/she is going to get his/her box at the end, plus all the loot he/she won during the run. That, I have to say, is... unfair (then again, correct me if I get any of that wrong, new here so I'm asking to be educated about how the game works). Is there perhaps a limitation system that I'm not aware of? Maybe the party leader can set rules? For example you can't win more than 2 or 3 items via bidding during a run? To ensure that others have their chance too? Is there a "control" system like that in place? Or is it really just free for all, the richer gets everything (as usual)?


11) (Last question!) About the crafting 'professions'. How many can I "join"?


Alright, sorry that's a lot but I'm new and I want to make sure I get those points properly.

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Hi, welcome to BNS.


1) Not as far as I know. However come March 2nd, a content update will arrive and with it, the new Warlock class. This will also give us a new character slot too. However it has been pointed out how the Asia servers have close to 10 character slots, while the West got 2 or 3 for some reason.  It's to protect against losing your character of course; although I think a few people have pointed out how excessive it is.


2) I don't think there's any one particular class which is recommended; only that KFM (Kung Fu Master) isn't recommended and I agree with that. Because some classes, exactly like the KFM, are more reliant on fast reactions, which are in turn reliant on your ping. So I'd avoid those. FM (Force Master) is a safe choice in many ways, due to the high damage and range. I think they count it as normal based on PVE play. After you've levelled up a bit, there's recommended "builds" for your skills though, in-game and on various forums.


3) No. Sadly not, although many have requested it and would like it. So whatever you gain on one character, whether by in-game money or real money, is tied to that character unfortunately.


4) Blocking and dodging is automatic, depending on your stats. Press P to view your stats. However some classes, like the Blade Master, do have dedicated blocking skills. Also, depending on how you allocate your skill points, it's possible to have various parries when using a given skill. So on my Blade Dancer for example, if I spec one way with my spin ability, I'll do damage mainly. While if I spec another way, I'll have a short lived parry. Other abilities don't parry as such, but instead make you immune to damage or status effects briefly. You can of course dodge by jumping around a given enemy as well.


5) Animation cancelling is mostly for PVP and I don't think most players really do it or are concerned about it. I certainly don't find it necessary for PVE. When starting out in the PVP arena modes, such as 1v1 and 3v3, I don't think it's necessary either. Although it will certainly help you when you get into gold.


6) No you don't. At least the vast majority of the game is accessible without PVP. There's some quests which urge you to merely *participate* in a few 1v1s and such, in return for a reward. But you're not forced. Additionally, be aware that clothing doesn't affect your stats in this game. So you're welcome to run around in the nude and be just as strong as someone who's wearing the fanciest of clothing, because in BNS, stats are tied to "soul shields". This is nice because then you don't have to feel forced to look a certain way, in order to be powerful, if instead you found some other look more to your liking. Soul shields are acquired by questing. Of course there's a few specific clothing items reserved for those who have excelled in PVP, but in terms of quantity, it's very little compared to all the clothing you can get by either doing quests or by buying stuff from the store with real money.  Press F3 in-game to see what I mean and then press shift and left mouse button to preview an item on your character.


7) What do you mean? You keep your costumes forever, as far as I'm concerned. They're just not account-bound sadly.


8) If by trader you mean the Marketplace at F5, then no. You need to press F10 to go to the Hongmoon store and then to the Services tab, to view the vouchers available. There are ones like character alteration vouchers and character slot ones.


9) If you mean the marketplace, I suspect it's only within your server.


10) You got it. It's not quite fair. However you can simply do the dungeon again. There's obvious problems. There's cases of bots going into dungeons and "leeching" by standing idle until the human players have won the dungeon. Then during the bidding, the rich bot simply bids a high amount and gets the best stuff and no one can do anything. It doesn't happen every time of course, but it does happen. I don't think it's such a big problem however, this system, because you'll eventually get your stuff and even if you don't get the exact thing you wanted, you'll still get other stuff too. The dungeons also all have daily quests atttached to them, so when you're done with the dungeon and exit, you can talk to a guy and thus complete the quest too; meaning you got both the quest reward and also the other reward that you have to click in the menu, which you mentioned. So all is not lost. Parties can indeed adjust the way loot is distributed, but I don't think too many party leaders care much about it.


11) 4 in total. 2 gathering guilds and 2 crafting guilds. The crafting in BNS isn't to everyones liking, since it's quite automated and the benefits of crafting aren't clear. It's also not cheap. So for example, you join the stonecutters guild. Your first mission, as with any, is to find a sample of the stone, which the quest will direct you to. Then you go to it, mine it and bring it back. Now it has been discovered. From then on, by pressing L, you can bring up the crafting menus and you can now click to order that stone from the stonecutters guild and after a set amount of minuttes, hours or days, you'll get it delivered and it'll be ready for pickup. Ordering costs money and so does instant delivery (if you don't wish to manually seek out a representative to get the stone with no delivery cost). Then you simply repeat this process. Every time you do, you get some guild points. Eventually you level up in that guild and can order stones from increasingly remote places (higher level areas), provided you've found the samples from those areas too.



Source - Being a max level player myself.


I hope that helps.






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Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions, much appreciated!


But, about question #7, you asked what I meant. Well, it's about a dyeing system. For example being able to dye the color patterns of a costume to a different color. I know we keep costumes forever :p I was just wondering if we could change (dye) their color.


Alright, thanks a lot again!

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