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What is worse?


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Glitching through the door is bannable? XD

On Aion we had for a month and a half a glitch that forced a boss[Hyperion] to not attack us

Hyperion drops end-game gear so imagine that..i personally on an another account geared up 3 characters within 2 days with both sets 6/6Mythic[boxes have a chance to give orange rarity and not mythic aka purple which is best version] oh and nobody got banned if they banned anyone the only ones on Aion right now would be bots so i dont see whats game-breaking about glitching through a door which only good thing it gives is Moonwater Tears[which dont break the game] XD

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2 hours ago, Zira said:

What is worse, here are you choices..



1. Glitching through the doors in Ogong


2. Afking the Dungeon because you wont Glitch the door?

In fact they are just equally as bad but sometimes there's nothing u can do about it and honestly I don't think ss through door currently should be bannable XD cos now u cant even do the dungeon with a party that doesnt ss the doors lmao 


Even in bsh ppl skip that door which is hard af and if 6 ppl hop on those 2 mini boss they will be gone in a minute while ssing the door can fail and make the run longer XD

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